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Whether your family has lived in the community for generations or you’re new to the neighborhood, you have the right to safe spaces, well-maintained public infrastructure, and services that support your way of life. 

Crime and Safety

Collaboration with HPD on immediate safety issues in our neighborhoods is necessary for short-term help. Ensuring that those in the criminal justice system receive appropriate behavioral health programming and access to support systems for healthcare, housing, and employment upon release are key to avoiding recurring recidivism.  

Homeless Services

This multi-faceted issue requires us to continuously evaluate a robust continuum of care. This includes:

  • Assistance programs to keep people from losing housing;

  • Housing options integrated with wraparound services for success;

  • Facilities providing appropriate levels of behavioral healthcare to free up hospital beds.

Long-term Care

With ongoing healthcare provider shortages paired with residents living longer, creating more pathways for key medical, specialty, and home care services is critical for kupuna to be able to age with dignity in our community spaces for as long as possible. Additional funding to ensure our providers -- particularly those serving Medicare and Medicaid clients -- are able to operate is also necessary. 


Access to high quality public education options starting with Pre-K through our university system as well as continuing education options for our workforce are necessary so that residents and our economy can thrive. 


Community Connection

My first priority is to stay closely connected to residents. I worked hard to create an open network via email, phone, and in-person opportunities to foster regular communication, solicit input, and be a bridge between neighbors and government agencies.

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